9 Characteristics You Must Have to Make Your Life Easy


Every person works from a different mindset in terms of how they approach business and success. However, to be successful every person has to be able to execute strategies which get them to the levels of achievement they envision. A leader must be able to perform and come from a place of strength. To be able to achieve at the highest levels the great successes work harder than anyone else and make sure to get things done. Execution is all about turning ideas into a reality, no matter the sacrifice it may take.

1. Organization:

One needs to be organized in order to make his or her life simple. A huge part of being able to execute is being organized. You must be able to arrange, orchestrate, and organize tasks and variables so all the pieces fit together productively and successfully.

2. Stamina:

Stamina gives you staying power, even when things are looking bleak. Hold the belief that if you continue to work towards a goal you are essentially guaranteed to achieve what you seek on one level or another. It is this underlying drive which fuels your hard work that ultimately places you a cut above the rest.

3. Focus:

To stay on top of your life it requires a tremendous amount of focus, clarity and direction. Always prioritize first so you can execute on your goals. To get to where you want to go you have to know, without a shadow of a doubt, what you want. Sustainable success requires a deep and dogged focus. Having this type of committed focus cuts through the confusion and doubt which come to stand in your way as you face obstacles along the road to success.

4. Discipline:

To execute successfully develop a routine to flow from.  Be fluid enough to adapt to the unexpected variables out of your immediate control or prediction to your daily routine. Do your best to operate from a structure which is organizing to your day. This type of discipline keeps your daily tasks prioritized and prepared enabling you to make the most efficient use of your time.

5. Belief:

If you do not fully believe in what you are doing, passion will fade killing your motivation to execute your tasks to its greatest capacity. The deepest driving force for an elite entrepreneur is not money, it is people. The most successful people in the world have a desire to have an impact on others, not just collect cash. Money is a pleasure which is not enduring. Belief is sustained through the enduring process of seeing how what you do positively benefits the lives of others.

6. Responsibility:

To execute well you must value honesty, loyalty, commitment, and ownership. Take full responsibility for what you say you will do. Whatever happens in your life, business and relationships the best path to the development of the execution of your ideas is to accept responsibility for the outcomes, both positive and negative, which are the result of your efforts.

7. Problem solver:

To execute well you must become an efficient and smart problem solver. Look at decisions gone wrong, analyze what happened, and restore those decisions to be successful the next time you execute. Mistakes are your most valuable teacher. Mistakes teach you what not to do or repeat in the future. View every problem as providing you or guiding you towards a bigger picture solution.

8. Being Mindful:

To be successful you must be deliberative. Great executors are cautious and careful when planning any new goal. Make sure to have a detailed plan before making decisions. It’s about creating a path and forecasting, to the best of your ability, to devise the quickest and most efficient plan to the achievement of your goals. Being mindful is synonymous with having a map. Preparation is everything when it comes to success. Success is the result of thoughtful decision making. To make a definitive decision means to cut out all other possibilities.

9. Consistency:

To be great at executing your ideas, never give up. If you stop trying before a problem is solved you haven’t accomplished anything. If you don’t succeed at first, try again. Try a dozen things a hundred different ways if that is what it takes, but don’t give up the fight simply because obstacles present themselves on your path. Let the anxiety and frustration motivate you. Any sought after goal worthy of your effort will place obstacles in your way. If you practice persistence and make it your habit to be consistent you are guaranteed to reach your goal. Openly go after what you want. Never see a setback as a failure, view it as practice. Practice makes a man perfect.

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