7 Qualities of a Good Teacher


During my student life I got chance to study under the guidance of 72 different teachers and during my teaching career I have worked with some about 400 faculty members in 3 schools and 6 colleges till date. As each human being is a unique creation of God every teacher who taught me or who worked with me in different institution has some unique qualities. Though I may not be the authority in listing the qualities of a good teacher but I found following seven qualities are must to be a good teacher.

  1. Poise. Teachers encounter situations all the time that could be considered setbacks. Good teachers always maintain dignity, composure and self-control in handling situations whether in or outside the class. These teachers knew they were human and mistakes can happen. They didn’t take things personally and let problems get them upset.
  2. Punctuality. A good teacher always walks with the hand of the clock. He should attend all his classes as per time-table. Though he should not hesitate to give extra time to clear the doubts of the students but he should never leave the class before time.
  3. True compassion for their students. The best teachers cared about their students as individuals and wanted to help them. They had a sixth sense when a student needed extra attention and gave it gladly. They took the time to discuss subjects outside their teaching, knowing that sometimes lessons can still be taught without following the textbook. Good teachers were willing to speak up for the students to other teachers, if need be. They cared for their students beyond the classrooms.
  4. Understanding. Good teachers have clear understanding of the subject, need of the students, teaching methodology as well as the requirement of the syllabi. They should be flexible in their teaching style, adapting to the daily needs of the students. Their purpose is to understand the psyche of the students to help them to learn and become good human being. Their understanding of subject and situation help them to explain a topic in different perspective to create understanding in the minds of the students.
  5. Dedication to excellence. Good teachers want the best from their students and themselves. They don’t settle for poor grades, knowing it reflects upon their ability to teach just as much upon a student’s ability to excel. The best teachers encourage the sharing of ideas and offer incentives to get students to think outside the box. They encourage students to be good people, not just good memorizers of text. They want students to learn and be able to apply what they learned, not just be able to pass tests.
  6. Pride in student’s accomplishments. The best teachers always take pride in the accomplishments of their students. They always encourages students to reach higher and still higher not only in academics but also in other co-curricular activities for their holistic development. They celebrate the accomplishments of everyone, knowing that everyone is capable to doing well. They are upbeat and positive, focusing on how a student did well, not how well they taught. They may know that it was the strength of their teaching that helped a student to achieve, but they act as if the student is completely responsible for the results.
  7. Passion for life. The best teachers aren’t just interested in their subject, they are passionate about it. They are also passionate about many other things. They have an energy that almost makes them glow and that you want to emulate as much as possible. They approach tasks with a sense of challenge rather than routine. They take the universe’s curve balls and turn them into fun (if possible). They are human, certainly, but they make you feel that there is always a reason to keep going. Things will get better no matter how much they appear to suck at that moment.

I am blessed to have teachers like Sh. Hariram. Mr. Sudesh Sharma, Mrs. Sudha Malik, Mrs. Urmil Jain, Sh. S.C. Sharma, Sh. Subhash Poonia, Dr Hawa Singh, Dr Narender Chaoudhary, Dr, R.P. Hooda, Dr. Manjula Choudhary and Dr D.R. Jat. I am highly obliged to have these gems of the teaching fraternity to be my teachers having not only all the above qualities of a good teacher but also many more qualities to instill in me confidence to be a teacher myself. I have always tried to emulate some of their best qualities to prepare my students to know themselves in right perspectives, explore their potential and to grow as mature human being.


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