How to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Daily Life


Carbon footprint means amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases’ emission due to human activities that degrade environment quality and sustainability. There may be a large number of ways to reduce carbon footprint but it is not very easy to follow them. We may be easily change the construction of houses and offices but contributes towards the use of energy in home and work place with some simple methods. In this article I am sharing only those things that as a habit will reduce our carbon footprint drastically.

  • Switching to LED can reduce use of energy drastically for lighting so from next time please purchase only LED light instead of bulbs, florescent tube lights and CFLs. If possible make use of natural lights and always switch off lights when they are not required.
  • Unplug Electronic equipment when they are not in use. It will save you a lot of energy. Cutting AC use just an hour per day will save a lot of energy in your lifetime.
  • Make use of windows and ventilators as these are meant to allow natural lights and fresh air in the buildings.
  • Use small size bucket and mugs for bathing and washing and never waste water, it will not only save water but also all the power used by municipality to provide you with the water. It will also save underground water for future generations. Use mugs even for brushing, saving and washing your face.
  • Use of solar water-heating system, solar cooker and solar lighting can save a lot of fossil fuel to be burnt and help you reduce carbon footprint.
  • Always use CFC free deodorants to protect environment. If possible use natural deodorants or perfume to protect ozone layer to deplete. Using of Phosphate Free detergents will help save air, water and land from pollution.
  • Insist on organic farming products for consumption, though you will get these a little costly but these will save your medical bill and environment from degradation.
  • Your kitchen garden can not only help you reducing CO2 by providing you green cover, fresh vegetables but it will reduce your transportation cost for bringing vegetables. It will decrease you time on television as well as other electronic equipment and save electricity. If you don’t have sufficient space, make use of pots for planting vegetable on your terrace or roof-top.
  • Use bicycle, public transport or shared cars to reduce use of fossil fuel for transportation. Don’t use car for going to distance less than 2 Km. this much of walk will keep you healthy.
  • Don’t heat food just after taking it out of refrigerator; if possible allow it to get normal by taking it out at least 10 minutes before heating. It will save you a lot of energy.
  • Plant at least one tree every year; it will almost neutralize your carbon footprint in the years to come. You can do it for your kids and old parents also. Even indoor plants have positive effect on your health besides reducing carbon-foot print. A life is worth remembering if you also plant at least ten fruit trees in your lifetime. Generation will remember you while enjoying tasty fruits.
  • Avoid using polyethylene bags for bringing fruit, vegetables and other household items. Even two bags per day translate into 51000 bags in an average lifespan of seventy years. If we multiply it with world population one can easily estimate the havoc it can create to environment. Never use plastic water bottle, disposable cups and plates for serving or taking food. You can save your health as well as the mother earth.
  • Last but not least share these ideas with some more ideas of your own with a large number of people; if just 1% of them will start using some of them it will have a huge cumulative effect on reducing carbon footprint.

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