10 Qualities of a Good Student


Students are the future leaders of any country so they must be cared and groomed to be good citizen by parents, teachers, coaches and a large section of the society. It does not mean that they may be pampered and no corrective action must be taken against their wrong behaviours; but we should find the cause and try to rectify it before imposing our dictate on them. Most of the time teachers, parents and society at large want to bring best out of the students but in their own way. But in this quest sometimes they do them harm. Every human being has own life lesson and this is true of every students. Sometimes bad period comes to even good students; still following 10 qualities can make any student a good student:

  1. Discipline: First and foremost quality of a student is discipline. It means a student must follow strict time table for study and follow instruction of teachers, parents and coaches in their day to day life.
  2. Focus on the end result: A student should not fear to bear the hardships of learning. He/she should always focus on the end result of completing the course in flying colours so as to reach at the top in their life later on.
  3. Manage Relationship: A good student always maintain cordial relationship not only with teachers and staff but also with the fellow students; so that he/she can focus on studies and extra-curricular activities properly.
  4. Participate in Sports and Extra-curricular Activities: A good student always participates in sports and other extra-curricular activities so as to achieve the target of over-all personality development. While participating in these activities they never ignore their studies and manage all in a balanced way.
  5. Sharp Observation: Good students always have sharp observation and keen interest in learning new things, as observation breeds knowledge, knowledge breeds understanding and understanding breeds wisdom. Therefore, their keen observation helps them to become wise enough to handle almost all the situation in life.
  6. Asks Right Questions: It is said, “If you ask questions you may seem idiot once but if you will not ask questions there are chances that you remain idiot for ever.” A student always asks questions to clarify what he/she has understood when the teacher is teaching. Even he/she may not hesitate to ask right questions from his seniors or class-mates to clarify difficult concepts.
  7. Learn through Doing: Good students always try to learn by doing instead of mugging up the theory. They have the understanding that learning by doing is the best method of learning and it remains for longer time in their minds.
  8. Deep Sense of Respect for Society and Culture: Good students have deep sense of respect for societal norms and the law of the land. In their scheme of learning country comes first than their personal goals. They even tend to leave aside their academic interests if the duty towards the country so demands. In the situations of natural calamities such as earth-quake, flood and draught they offer their services to their fellow being even at the cost of their studies. Humanity is above all for a good student.
  9. Takes Responsibility: Good students take responsibilities of their acts. They never play blame game to hide their faults and honour the results of their deeds. They build their character to serve better after completion of their studies.
  10. Always Remain in Pursuit of Knowledge: Good students always remain in pursuit of knowledge. More knowledgeable they become more hunger for knowledge they develop. They keep on sharpening their minds to acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of their studies.

In short, good students are always remains teachable and they surrender themselves in pursuit of acquiring knowledge. They focus on character building and developing a balanced personality. They always make their parents, teachers, institution and country proud of themselves proud with their achievements.