7 Affirmations That Can Change Your Life


Thoughts have their own vibration and words have their own. That is why it is said thoughts make a man and we are advised to think before we speak.  There are a large number of thoughts occurring in our mind on daily basis and it shapes our life. Even what we speak is largely effected by our thoughts. Therefore, it is very important to have some control on our thoughts as there can’t be perfect control on thoughts. Thoughts are like waves in ocean. As the waves in ocean are affected by ocean itself i.e. water, flora and fauna, rotation of earth, temperature, winds, gravitational force of earth and other celestial bodies besides host of other factors. In the same way thoughts are affected by a large number of endogenous and exogenous factors that shapes our minds i.e. our mind set, attitude, physical make of our brain, education and upbringing, environment, situations and circumstances, etc. Though it may be a complex thing to understand the thought patterns we have but consciously we can guide ourselves to have certain thoughts to replace the wild thoughts occurring in our minds. Affirmations and visualizations can play a vital role in this. After studying a large number of affirmations I have shortlisted following 7 affirmations that can positively change our thought pattern and our life for betterment:

  1. I am responsible for my past, present and future. I can shape my future as per my will by taking well planned actions in present. I have abundance of opportunities at present to shape my future.
  2. Everyday my health is getting better and better and I am always in perfect shape. The more I bless others perfect health; the more it gives me perfect health.
  3. Money comes to me easily and in abundance. I enjoy earning and spending more and more money day in day out. More I give more money I tend to receive back.
  4. I have perfect relations with all the people around me. People give me full support in every aspect of my life. The more I like people; with more love and affection they tend to reciprocate.
  5. I am a blessed child of Cosmic Energy. It has planned everything for my steady growth. As a real heir of Cosmic Energy I have power to change everything for the betterment of not only me but also for people around me.
  6. I always get right idea at right time and I tend to translate them into reality effortlessly. I enjoy success in each and every activity I plan and do.
  7. I always remain in state of bliss and enjoy this state in every aspect of my life. Even people around me enjoy perfect health, wealth and happiness.

Initially, you may not find any difference in your life but when these affirmations will go deep in subconscious mind, it will start giving you result and your life will start changing for better. It is the will of the Cosmic Energy that is why you are reading this small article. You just need to trust the infinite power of these lines and start repeating them thrice a day aloud and with conviction. More the degree of your trust better it will work for you. All the best and stay blessed.

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