To err is human; to forgive, divine.     – Alexander Pope

It is in the basic nature of human beings to make mistakes. Mistakes help a person learn and grow. It is not wrong to commit mistakes, but to repeat the same mistakes is a crime.  When mistakes are repeatedly committed, they become negative habits. Negative habits are to be shunned as early as possible. You need to identify what are the negatives that crept into your habits. It should be your consistent effort to spot the negatives in your habits and eliminate them. You should first be aware of the negatives that have got into your behaviour, during the course of your life. It is a common thing for human beings to have negative habits, but it is bad not to shun these habits. It is even worse when you are not aware of these habits. These may have mostly crept into your behaviour due to some minor negligence on your part. Negatives in human behaviour are like wild grass. If the farmer does not weed them out, it can spoil the entire crop and can even ruin the field, in the long run. In the same way, if we do not take conscious efforts to eliminate the negatives from our habits, it can ruin our present, and in the long run, have the power to ruin our future. Therefore, we must be conscious of the negatives in our habits because we can eliminate them only if we are aware of it. And in twenty-one days or so, if we consciously try to shun these habits, we can purge these negatives. The following steps could be helpful in this regard:

  1. Be Aware of Your Negatives: The first and foremost thing is that one should be aware of the negatives. The golden rule is that everybody has some habit that needs to be changed. So try to find out those habits that you want to change. For this purpose you can take the help of your near and dear ones. If you ask persons who are very close to you, they will frankly tell you what are the changes that are required in your behaviour.
  2. Decide to Eliminate these Negatives: After becoming aware of the negatives, one has to decide to shun these negatives. This should be a firm decision and you should be ready to take action to eliminate these.
  3. Be Ready to Pay the Price: As you are aware, nothing in life comes free. One has to pay good price for the good things. So be ready to pay the price. Here you decide what should be the price you pay for what you want to change in yourself. It can be anything but you have to be ready to give it up for your own betterment.
  4. Device a Plan for Eliminating these Negatives: You need to device your own plans to eliminate your negative habits. No ready-made plans are going to help you in this regard. You need to device the plan as per your requirements and capabilities so that these plans become achievable. You can take help and expert opinion from learned people. After proper planning for shunning the negatives, you should decide your course of action.
  5. Work This Plan Consciously for 21 Days: Once you have devised a plan to eliminate the negatives, you should work upon your plans as completely as you can at least for 21days so that these habits become a part of your daily routine.
  6. Never Give Way to These Negatives Again in Your Life: Once you have shunned the negatives in your life, never give way to these ever again. Never allow yourself the luxury of affording these negatives even for once, because that one time is enough to bring these back into your life. Most people suffer from this in their life. They try very hard to quit a negative habit, and then, if friends compel, they restart the habit for the sake of company. Most drunkards will tell their friends about giving up their habit of drinking and end up celebrating the occasion by taking a drink and in this way, they waste all their efforts. Therefore, never give way to these negatives again in your life.

Congratulations! You are free from the negatives you chose to shun. Always work on your own negatives, but try to accept people with all their positives and negatives. You have every right to choose people and you may also help them in eliminating their negatives, if they seek your help. But you have no right to mend them. Do not make a habit of seeing the negatives in people. Always find positives in others and inculcate those positive habits in your behaviour, if it is in consonance with your life’s purpose. Don’t impose others’ behaviour on to your personality because an original is always better than the best copy. But you can always improve upon the original to make it better, by eliminating the negatives.

Always remember, “Champions do have their share of negatives but they muster the courage to change them into positives”.

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