Three Step Creative Visualization


 Creative visualization is one of best mind power technique you can use to empower your mind to get what you want. This kind of mind technique has also been implemented by very early period in India to attain not only spiritual enlightenment but also material achievement. In creative visualization, you need to picture in your mind the things you really wanted. Although you can say that most of the time you are picturing in your mind materials things, it can still be attainable if you practice visualizing these things. Also, you can visualize your success regardless of your profession, age, gender or life situation. Following three steps can help you to enhance creative visualization:

Step 1 – Believe in Power of Creative Visualization

It is first step towards enhancing your visualization techniques that you must have firm belief in the power of Creative Visualization. You can use Creative Visualization to achieve what you want to achieve; whether very small thing like getting a parking space for your car in a mall or big things like getting a luxury car of your choice. It is not important at what life stage you start using the power of creative visualization; how much you believe in its power define your results. If a cricket player can perfectly visualize smashing six sixes in an over he can hit it (Yuvraj Singh has done it). Even in case of visualizing about your dream car you need to believe it perfectly. The first thing you need to do is to visualize the brand, the model and the colour of the car you want including all the accessories you want to order for your car. If you can visualize the registration number of your car it will help you get it fast. More the details you can visualize earlier it will reach to your subconscious mind and better are the chances of its realization. More you will repeat this with positive emotions in your daily life; more you will inspired in your work since you have a goal to reach and this is by driving your dream car of your choice of brand, model and colour very soon.

 Step 2 – Be in Control of Your Thoughts

You need to be in control of your thoughts while applying the power of Creative Visualization. Don’t ever let the negative thoughts enter in your mind as this will also manifest. Remember that as you implement creative visualization, you are also empowering your mind and body. This is the reason why your action should also be one with your visualizations. Just think of the law of attraction wherein you are thinking about your positive goals and at the same time the things around you will also complement with what you are thinking.

You need to stay focused though out the process. Every thought takes its time to manifest. It is not the case small thing manifest fast of bigger things take more time. Nothing is bigger for the Universe to manifest. More you have control over your thoughts better are chances of early manifestation. To have perfect control of your creative visualization, all you have to think are happy thoughts and images. Use these happy thoughts and images to control your visualizations and this will help you eliminate or clear away the negative images that may run through your mind.

Step 3 – Stimulate Your Creative Visualization

It is also important that you stimulate the things you visualize. When you wake up in the morning, stimulate your creative visualization by thinking positively about your goals. Never let your problems run through your mind but instead wake up in the morning thinking about having a beautiful life, a beautiful environment and a new day ahead of you. You should give specific time and place for practicing creative visualization at least thrice a day in the morning, afternoons and before relapsing into the bed in the nights. Even when you see your goals (your dream car) during the day thank God (Universal Energy) for supplying you with your goal in such a way that you have already received it. Even visualizing riding it with your family and friends to different places also sharpen your creative visualization to help stimulate your mind and body to achieve your goals.

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