Three Step Positive Thinking


The power of positive thinking is one of the mind power techniques to help you get what you want in life. This will not only enhance your health but also help in mental, emotional and spiritual growth. The positive thinking has power to change your life for the better. For achieving better results you need to erase the negative aspects of life from your mind by replacing them with positive thinking. Though, it is very difficult to erase the negative thoughts that run through your mind. But by pondering upon more and more positive thoughts we can dilute the negative thoughts from our conscious mind and make our sub-conscious mind to recall only positive thoughts. To further enhance your positive thinking, consider following three steps to be on the road to success in attaining your goals in life:

Step 1 – Have a Positive Mind-set:

Life is full of varied situations, things, people and life-cycle. You will have to face day in and day out with both positive and negative situations. But how you respond to these situations depends upon your mind-set. Though it is easier said than done yet you can choose to have positive mind-set even in confronting with negative situations. More you focus on the positive side of a situation, thing, person or life-stage the better it is to have positive mind-set. That is why people tell you to thank God that life is saved even after you met with a serious accident. Even after sometime you will find that the accident has turned your life to positive; if you are willing to take a lesson from it. Though your positive mind-set will help you to have better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health yet your chances of retaining positive mind-set also increases if you are physically strong, mentally alert, emotionally balanced and spiritually moral. You can achieve this by implementing positive actions. It is a good idea that you forgive yourself and others for the mistakes. Keeping negative ideas in mind will burden you and you will be the only sufferer for carrying on negativity in your mind. Once you start forgiving yourself and other alike you will feel very light. In this way, your mind has been cleared from the “perils” of negativity and you can move on with a positive mind-set. With positive mind-set, you can visualize positive life-situations and have happy thoughts. This will create positive environment around you and help you attain your goals.

Step 2 – Positive Concentration:

Having a positive concentration means you meditate on positive aspects of life-situations and erase all the negative aspects that may disturb you. More you meditate on positive aspects of your life more positivity you will attract in your life. Believe in yourself and just don’t focus on negativity. Just relax and internalize your thoughts on positive things in your life. Regardless of your religion you can thank the “Universal Energy” for providing you with air, water, sun and all other necessities to sustain life. More grateful you become more chances of being grateful Life-Force will provide you. Though, sometimes your positive concentration may be put to test by difficult period but if you could pass these tests you will qualify to get more rewards. You must use power of spoken words in positive way. Concentrate on your vocabulary what you are using in routine. If it is swamped by negative words, you need to take some time off to correct your vocabulary. If you are speaking something, just evaluate it by thinking “That’s what I want”. If you get answer in “yes” you are using correct vocabulary otherwise change it to positive. Once you concentrate on positive speeches, you will eventually be skilled in having a positive attitude as well. Remember, initially it may take you some time to concentrate on having a positive mind-set and positive speech but with positive concentration you will find it very easy. Just be patient and resist negative thoughts for some time and your life will change for the better.

Step 3 – Pull Your Desires with Your Positive Mind:

You can be the author of your actions but results are not in your hand. If you could pull your desires using your positive mind is just like a magnet, you can make your desires happen “physically”. As you are the author of your actions only, you need not to worry about the results of your actions, because results are given by God (Universal Energy). As Universal Energy can check your worthiness there may be some delay in the results to materialize. Well, if you could sustain your actions with faith in the positivity of your desire it will certainly manifest and it will manifest beyond your expectation as Universal Energy is the best pay-master. All the successful people can vouch this fact that they were sure of their success but they have never imagined such a huge success in the beginning. Therefore, you have to believe. It is a fact that you have to believe in yourself positively. You also have to believe that your dreams will truly happen. Then you have to put tremendous action for your dreams to come true. You can also use your positive mind to monitor all your actions and emotions. With this, you are assuring that your actions are done effectively and your desires are achieved.