7 Steps to Lead a Happier Life


The basic human pursuit is to lead a happy and fulfilling life. What we do throughout our life is more or less directed to remain happy; but most of the people are losing sight of happiness and indulge in collecting necessities of life. Following 7 steps can help boost your happiness in day to day life:

1.       Count Your Blessings: We are alive in the morning; it is one of the biggest blessings. Though out the day we get our share of good and bad situations. Good things give us happiness but start feel blessed to have your true lessons of life in terms of situations. One way to count our blessings is to write a “Gratitude Journal” in that you jot down the things for which you are currently thankful. Do this at least once or twice in a week even it is not possible to write in it daily. You can also be thankful for the things you want to have in near future to help the Law of Expectation work for you.

2.       Enjoy Every Bit of Life: Pay close attention to the small things in life and enjoy every bit of life. If you don’t find anything to enjoy at a particular moment, then the moment itself is sufficient enough to be enjoyed. Enjoy sunlight in the morning, shade of the tree when it is hot, chirping of the birds, green grass, music and even traffic on the road. Just start enjoying every bit of life and see the difference.

3.       Practice Acts of Kindness: Every action has equal and opposite reaction. You will enjoy more the result of your small acts of kindness. Being kind to others, whether friends or strangers, human or animals, triggers a cascade of positive effects. It will results into greater connection with others and wins you more positivity, smiles, approvals and reciprocated kindness and act as happiness boosters for not only you but others also.

4.       Take Good Care of Your Body: The age old concept of sound mind in a sound body is denied by none. Therefore, taking good care of your body through plenty of sleep, regular exercise, positive attitude and nutritious diet can help you to make your life more satisfying.

5.       Invest Time and Energy in Relationships: The biggest factors for happiness are your friends and families, though they could act as biggest disturbers  if not taken care of properly. Therefore, invest your time and energy in your friends and family members to maintain the warmth of relationships. They will act not only as your happiness boosters but also as stress busters at times.

6.       Talk to Yourself: Internalize and talk to yourself on daily bases, it could be done just by sitting in a particular place and reflect on your daily routine or in the form of meditation. It will enhance your mind-body-soul connection and make you happier. It will also help you to clear the clutter from your mind and give a feeling of freshness after every sitting.

7.       Learn to Forgive: To err is human; to forgive, divine.  Inability to forgive is associated with persistent dwelling on revenge, while forgive allows you to move on. We should learn to forgive not only others but ourselves also for the mistakes and misdeeds. It is the best method to enhance our happiness in day to day life.

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