16 Kalas of Lord Krishna


The 16 Kalas of Sri Krishna are the divine arts or attributes of Sri Krishna that makes him Purna Avatar – the complete avatar. What are the 16 Kalas of Lord Krishna? Even a normal human being tries to inculcate these virtues in daily life; it could be an enriching experience. Let’s discuss these 16 Kalas of Krishna that everyone should imbibe, it is not necessary that we must have same perfection, but striving to attain these Kalas in daily life could help us improve as a good human being. These are the 16 Kalas of Krishna:
1. Daya -Compassion: We don’t require finding Sudama to show compassion; out little acts of helping someone in need in routine could be known as Dayabhav.
2. Dharjya (Patience): This virtue nowadays is missing in most of the human being. People start honking at a traffic signal even if some driver in front of their car delays in starting his car just for two seconds after signal turning green.
3. Kshama (Forgiveness): “To err is human, to forgive divine”. If you can forgive not only others but also yourself for the mistakes; life could become enjoyable.
4. Nyaya (Justice): Krishna always side with justice whether it is God, human or demon. In modern times, there is unrest in the minds of a large number of people for seeking justice from Government and society.
5. Nirapeksha (Impartiality): Impartiality in dealings with people establishes anyone as true leader in every society. Krishna gave first choice to Duryodhna to choose between his large army fighting on one side and Him becoming Sarathi on the other side during Mahabharta War; even though he was a good friend of Arjuna.
6. Niraskata (Detachment): Detachment teaches us to accept results of our deed with Prasadbuddhi. It has got power to remain calm in circumstances of happiness and sorrow.
7. Tapasya (Meditation and Spiritual Powers): Krishna got power of Tapasya. If we can start with meditating just for half an hour daily we can attain a monk like stage where our every action will become meditation of highest order.
8. Aparchitta (Invincibility): Whatever may be the circumstances, power of Aparchitta make Krishna invincible? Even a normal human being can learn not to give way to the circumstances but face the situation with courage to create circumstances.
9. Danasheel (Beneficience, Bestower of all wealth in the world and nature): When you are real danasheel you don’t advertise it like modern day corporate houses. Donation should be such that even your near and dear should not know what you have donated. It must be in our habit to donate on regular basis. It is the giver who always enjoys the happiness of giving.
10. Saundarjyamaya (Beauty Incarnate): Krishna is real beauty incarnate; but a normal human being can imbibe the beauty of character to receive real joy of life.
11. Nrityajna (Best of Dancers): Krishna danced on the hood of Kaliya Naag (snake). When someone can dance in such a negative circumstance one can enjoy every bit of life. Dance does not come from the body; it is the feature of soul embodied through heart and mind.
12. Sangitajna (Best of Singers): Krishna is the best singer. His flute has attracted not only people but also the whole nature. Though, one can’t be that kind of singer but what is harm striving to be a good singer through a lot of practice. Singing has got power to soothe the mind, body and soul.
13. Neetibadi (Embodiment of Honesty): Even today we teach children that “Honesty is the best policy”. If we can apply this policy in life we can create positive image among the people and become successful in life.
14. Satyabadi (Truth Itself): Krishna is embodiment of truth itself, but who prevent us to become the same. Once you can decide to be truthful nobody can stop you to remain the same.
15. Sarvagnata (Perfect master of all arts, such as poetry, drama, painting etc.): Krishna is master of all arts but we can be the students of these art forms in any stage of life. Our involvement in these art form will always have positive impact on our personality.
16. Sarvaniyanta (Controller of All): Krishna is Sarvaniyanta, but we can start with becoming Swayamniyanta (Controller of self). If we can perfectly control ourselves then we will not require controlling others. They will automatically become our followers.
Hope these 16 Kalas will help you not only to know the personality of God; but also help you to inculcate few of them in your personality. It is for sure we have some of these Kalas; may not of perfect order. The knowledge of these Kalas can help us to strive to be a better human being. Jai Sri Krishna.

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