10 Qualities of a Good Leader


Leaders are dealers in hope. They are the one people want to follow them. But what make a ‘good leader’. If we can elaborate the word ‘Good Leader’ itself we can arrive at 10 qualities that make a good leader. These are as under:
Good Leaders are always full of gratitude for what they had in past, what they have in present and what they are going to have in future. They express their gratitude more genuinely towards people, situations and circumstances that come across during the trajectory of their growth. As you receive what you give, hence their attitude of gratitude help people to be established as great leaders.
Good leaders find opportunity everywhere. They know that opportunities comes cladded in the clothes of difficulties. As every lock has its keys; every problem has its solutions. These solutions are normally more in numbers having their different outcomes. Good leaders normally sense best solution of the problems and turn them into biggest opportunity.
Open to New Ideas:
Good leaders are not only god listeners but also they are open to new ideas. They accept new things most promptly and hence they adept to change faster than other people. Good leaders make things happen while others see them happening; even some others wonder how the change happened! They have vision to figure out things in advance even when normal people have not anticipated them.
Driven by Mission:
The actions of good leaders are normally mission driven. Their missions are based on larger than life goals. They are concerned about the public good more than their personal profits. Only then people follow these leaders. Whether it was the idea of manufacturing “Nano” or “eradicating malaria” public good is above the personal profit behind these ideas. These ideas have contributed in establishing Mr. Ratan Tata and Mr Bill Gates as great leaders.
Lead by Example:
Good leaders always lead by example. Their actions speak louder than their words. They take calculated risks that demonstrate commitment to a large purpose. Though they delegate liberally yet they would be first to roll up their sleeves if situation so warrants. People follow your actions more than your words.

Emotionally Stable:
As Warren Buffet said, “The Key to success is Emotional Stability.” Good leaders take everything in positive way. They either win or learn every time they do something. Good leaders practice detachment in attachment. Whatever may be the situation they never loose emotional balance. Though they feel the punch of the situation but bounce back very fast to normal like ‘hit me toys’ and take charge of the situation.
A ‘Can do- get it done’ attitude:
Good leaders always have ‘can do-get it done’ attitude. They will either perform the task themselves or get it done by delegating it to a right person. They never lose hope; even if they have to take few steps backward but they never lose sight of their destination. Though a good pilot prepares his flight plan well, but for landing at his destination with perfect accuracy he needs to perform course correction most of the times.
Good leaders not only take quick decisions but also tend to implement those decisions with determinations. They take responsibility of their decisions and never indulge in blame game. If they commit some mistake and realise it, they will take responsibility and immediately start corrective actions. Good leaders never quit because they know once they are in quitting mode they will feel, it is OK to quit.
Empower Others:
Good leaders always take care of their people. They nurture leaders and empower them to become great leaders. Good leaders are always ready with their succession plan. They are aware those organisations become great because of people working for them. As good leaders are sure of their own capabilities so they don’t have any fear of someone else becoming more competent than them.
Right Time at Right Place:
Good leaders are found at right place at right time. They sense the environment in advance and hence always position themselves at beneficial situations. It is not that they don’t suffer losses, but they learn from their setbacks and bounce back quickly. They would rather try and fail than to repent over the lost opportunities. In short, good leaders create right opportunities with their sheer grit that people treat them to be lucky.

Hope you will try to inculcate these qualities to become a leader that everyone would love to follow.

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