9 Powerful Affirmations to Stay Emotionally Balanced


Life is a complete package of emotions both positive and negative. These emotions are naturally unstable and reactive, and biochemically they tend to dominate brain processes. Managing emotions requires a collection of skills that enable people to work with their feelings instead of working against them. The faster we can adapt to the situation the better is our emotional balance. Everyone has experienced affect dysregulation at one or more points of time when they were carried away by emotional outburst.  Emotional balance can be achieved with the help of consciousness, clarity and coherence. When faced with emotional imbalance, your first goal is to keep thinking or stay conscious; then clarify what is going on or gain awareness of the situation so that you can modify either situation or your reaction to the situation to gain coherence.

It is not that we will try to achieve emotional balance once we have lost it. Here, Prevention is better than cure. Physical exercise, yoga, meditation, dance, hobby, painting, writing, socialising, role-playing etc. are mainly used to prepare one to gain emotional control. But emotional balance is more dependent on how you manage your feelings. Nobody can disturb you until and unless you allow them to do so.  If we can programme our emotions with powerful affirmations it is possible to maintain balance in all the situations. These nine powerful affirmations can help:

  1. I am aware that my feelings are the result of my current thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
  2. I know that my thoughts are in alignment with my desires and these remains so all the time and in all the situations.
  3. I feel great to know that my beliefs remain in alignment with my goals all the time and in all the situations.
  4. Every day and in every way I become more and more aware of my emotions.
  5. I am thankful to Almighty for giving me perfect control over my emotions so that I can experience the positive feelings as per my desired visualizations.
  6. I am aware that life is a bundle of positive and negative situation and God has granted me power to enjoy positive situations and learn good life lessons from negative situations.
  7. Every emotion I experience brings me great self-awareness of my thoughts and beliefs as per my life situation.
  8. As I am author of my deeds and God is the author of the results I enjoy every result with great enthusiasm as I know He can’t hold my pay out for a long.
  9. I accept all my emotions, but keep and sustain only the positive ones to enjoy every bit of life.

Hope you will repeat slowly but loudly thrice a day. This will take these affirmations to your subconscious mind. Subconscious mind has unlimited power to work anything in your favour, even in case of keeping you emotionally balanced all the times and in all the situations.

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