9 Powerful Affirmations to Stay Spiritually Connected


Spirituality means connection with something bigger than us. Most of the time it is assumed to have connection with higher self, universal energy, infinity, God or Almighty. As every religion has its own God and methods of worship; spirituality is sometimes confused with religion. But most of the people will agree that every religion is based on spirituality but spirituality can stand alone. It does not require you to be a believer. People may define spiritual experience as sacred or divine or deep sense of aliveness or interconnection; yet it is more of a connection of our soul with universal energy. One can reach to the level of ecstasy or trance through spiritual connection. It can help a person to reach a level where one can experience unity with the Creator (Aham Brahmasmi). There may be several ways to feel spiritual connection; positive affirmations can be one of them. If we can meditate over following nine powerful affirmations we can stay spiritually connected with Universal Energy all the time and experience perennial ecstasy:

  1. I am aware that I am a soul presently enjoying my stay in this 3 dimension world on Earth with my present body.
  2. I know that soul changes bodies but it does not take birth and never dies; it rejoices all kind of experiences.
  3. I feel great to know that my beliefs remain in alignment with my goals all the time and in all the situations; as I am getting direction from Universal Power.
  4. Every day and in every way I remain connected to Universal Energy and it gives me peace, love, knowledge, power, joy, happiness and bliss in every situation of life.
  5. I am thankful to Universal Energy for giving me perfect control over my situations so that I can enjoy every bit of my life.
  6. I believe that Universal Energy is working through me that is why I reach to my goals with ease every time.
  7. Everything happening around me is for a reason and in perfect order as Universal Energy is working for my constant growth.
  8. I respect all religions of the world as I am aware that in the centre of all the religions there lays the common spirituality connecting all the people.
  9. Every day and in every way I am one with Universal Consciousness and I remain spiritually connected with Universal Mind.

Hope you will repeat these Powerful Affirmations slowly but loudly thrice a day. This will put these affirmations right into your soul. As your soul is perpetually connected with Higher Soul; you just need to remain conscious of this connection in every situation. Then life will become a blissful journey. You can give what you have; therefore, you will start touching other people in positive manner.

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