7 Powerful Affirmations for Inner Peace


Peaceful existence has been the goal of the society from the very early age, though several wars have been fought to establish peace throughout the time and place. Even bigger wars are going on constantly within than without. When we ask people, “Do you want to achieve inner peace?” The answer will obviously ‘Yes’. But most of times you get answer in ‘No’ for “Are you at inner peace?”

We can use positive affirmations as a tool for getting more inner peace. It is said that situations does not disturb your peace of mind, but reactions to the situations does. Positive affirmations can condition our subconscious mind for more positive percept of the circumstances, improve your ability to overcome the situation and create and experience more inner peace. It can condition your mind to respond instead of reacting. Your mind will act as thermostat instead of thermometer. You can have monk-like peace in your inner mind that can reflect in the serenity of your face.

Here are some of the powerful positive affirmations for inculcating and exhibiting inner peace in almost every life situations:

1.      I am aware that I am a peaceful soul.

2.      In all the circumstances, I feel complete inner peace.

3.      Every day and in every way I see in the world what I have within; as I am aware of my ocean deep inner peace, I always remain peaceful with circumstances.

4.      I am aware that people are not difficult but are different; they always want me to be happy and peaceful.

5.      Every day and in every way, I am enjoying my inner peace and tranquility.

6.      I am aware that we can give only what we have, so I offer gift of inner peace to all the people coming into my contact.

7.      I enjoy my inner peace as well as the inner peace of people around me.

If you can include these affirmations, into your daily routine, you can achieve constant inner peace and calmness. Your situation will become rock solid and nothing can disturb it, if you not allow anyone, including you to do so. This will save your precious time that you can use for your personal development as well as the societal good.

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