10 Important Things for Your Daily Meditation Practice


Daily meditation is as important for our spiritual wellbeing as daily nutritious food is for our body. In every religion and in every culture some or other type of meditation practice is made a part and parcel of that religion or culture. It shows that it is very important to meditate on daily basis. The more you meditate more connected you will remain with your inner consciousness.  Everyone knows the importance of meditation but only a few succeed in practicing it on daily basis. Let me list some important points that will go a long way in your meditation voyage:

1.       Write Your Meditation Goals:

Always keep you meditation goals written and paste them at least 8-12 places in your home, work place, car etc. to stay motivated for the meditation. Your goal must declare your intensions, frequency and timings for meditations. These goals should be revised as per your progress on the path of meditation.


2.       Keep Journal to Record your Progress:

Always keep a journal of your meditation that has proper record of your daily routine. Look back at the motivation for meditating that you wrote down in your journal. Remind yourself of it before each meditation session. Perhaps write a new motivation from time to time. Keep record of all the insights you have during each session. Record your insights just after the session so that you can describe it vividly without forgetting the details.

3.       Use Short and Sweet Sessions:

Keep the length of your meditation sessions on the shorter side, especially at the beginning; but enjoy these session to the full extent. 3-5 five sessions of 10-15 minutes with full alertness are better than a sleepily session for hours. Try to conclude your session when you are still fresh and wouldn’t mind continuing. Don’t increase the length and frequency of the sessions if you are not feeling fresh and more alert after the session. A clock in front of you is always better than your smart phone to keep the record of length of your session. Sand timers could be even better.

4.       Practice but don’t Publish:

Always meditate in isolation and don’t tell people that you meditate. Meditation is a thing to be internalizing not to publicize.  In the beginning, sometimes our enthusiasm can take over and we can talk a lot about meditation but meditate very little. Consider redirecting that enthusiastic energy inward to fuel your meditation practice. Though, you may tell about your busy schedule to your spouse, children and very close friends to avoid disturbance.

5.       Establish a Routine:

We form habits very quickly—both positive and negative habits. We can use this tendency to our advantage in our daily meditation practice by establishing a routine. Always follow your routine strictly; but don’t feel guilty if it is disturbed by unavoidable circumstances. Even don’t ignore your family and work for your meditation otherwise you can’t remain focussed while meditating.

6.       Follow your Commitment:

Make a commitment to a formal meditation session each day for a certain period and follow your commitment in letter and spirit. More disciplined you become more enjoyable will be your journey. Always remember Short and Sweet Sessions are important but even more important is your commitment to your meditation practice. As food is required daily for your body so is the case of meditation for your soul. For body you can even have fasts but for soul no fast is required. Therefore, strictly follow your routine with 100% commitment.

7.       Remove all Hurdles:

When you sit down to meditate, just meditate. Please remove all things from the place of meditation that can be proved a hurdle in your practice. There is no need to check your email or update your status on Facebook, Twitter etc. when you want to meditate. Even your friends can wait for some time for your answer to their calls.

8.       Use Same Practice for Several Times:

“I don’t fear a man who has practised 10,000 kicks but I fear a man who has practised one kick for 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee

Same is the case with meditation. There may be several methods of doing meditation but just choose one method and practice it to the level of perfection. Like an infant grabbing one colourful toy and then tossing it to grab another, the mind sometimes wants to switch between meditation methods during the session. But it’s better for it to become agile at one method through repeated practice than to move between many such methods.

9.       Rejoice:

At the conclusion of your daily meditation practice, before jumping off your cushion and rushing into your day, savour the moment. In this solitary time, rejoice and allow yourself to cultivate a path of introspection and evaluation. Rejoicing in our own, and others’ good fortune is a way of energizing our practice. Even after meditation sessions that we have found frustrating, boring, or even painful, we can be glad that we have made a sustained effort to cultivate clarity of mind and softness of heart.

10.   Offer Thanks:

Offer thanks to Almighty that you are on the right path of meditation. You must always be grateful not only to the people but also to the things that has helped you in your meditation practice. More grateful you become, faster you will grow in your meditation practice. You should be grateful to the thoughts and vibrations that you experience during the sessions.

Enjoy your meditation to the full extent. May Almighty touch you and help you progress on the path of your meditation. Your self-consciousness establishes connection with supreme consciousness through your meditation practice and you reach higher and still higher in your journey of self-realisation.

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