10 Powerful Affirmations for Students


A student is a person who is engaged in formal education in a school, college, university or any other institute of formal learning. Though, learning never stops; hence a person remains students throughout the life. Student life prepares a person to take up the challenges of life in right perspectives; therefore it is very important to have right kind of knowledge, understanding and wisdom during the years spend in the temples of learning. You may find extremely successful people who were not fortunate enough to have very good formal education, yet education is one of very important factors in the success of a person.

During the student life people want to attain not only the academic achievements but also want overall development of their personality so as to be responsible citizen. The following 10 powerful affirmations can help students to achieve not only the academic excellence but also groom them to be successful in their future endeavours:

1.       Every day and every way I get the opportunity to learn that help me to become a great student.

2.       Education provides me knowledge to enrich my faculties of understanding and help me to attain wisdom in the field of my study.

3.       I love learning, unlearning and re-learning the concepts and principles that will shape my personality to take up the challenges of life.

4.       As academic excellence is measured by the test score and scholarships I always get very good grades and various scholarships from time to time.

5.       I love and like tests, assignment and examination very much as they help me to measure my knowledge in the field of my studies.

6.       I love to participate in cultural, extra-curricular activities and sports during my studies for all-round development of my personality.

7.       I set high standard for my education and enjoy working hard to easily achieve those standards.

8.       I love my institution, teachers and fellow students as they all contribute in my growth to become a better person day by day.

9.       Some days my progress is small but my learning is much whereas other days I progress rapidly to achieve academic excellence.

10.   I value my education a lot as it prepares me for my bright and successful career in my chosen field.

These affirmations may seem simple, yet these are very effective tool to boost your overall development in your student life. These powerful affirmations will keep you away from the stress that may arise during your academic career. You can enhance the outcomes of these affirmations by repeating these thrice daily aloud. It would be better if you will write these affirmations near your study table so that these are in front of you while you are studying. Wish you a very happy student life and best of luck for your bright future.