11 Ways to Keep You Safe from Car-fire


With summer approaching the temperatures are all set to soar, and one of the things that we ought to be mindful of are incidents involving fire in our cars. May God bless us all with safe driving experience yet accidents can happen any time. Our alertness can save precious lives as we have heard several accidents where all the passengers burnt alive in a car fire just by not taking care of early signs of fire in car.

Here is what you should do in case of fire in the car:

  1. Check Essentials Before Ignition

A fire can be caused by a loose oil lid, a leaking fuel pipe or even a spark from an over-heated battery. Check all systems before turning on the key. Even don’t fill fuel tank full in the summer season and release gas from fuel tank by opening its lid. |But don’t forget to tighten it properly.

  1. Stop the Car on Side and Switch off the Ignition

Most times, there’s always smoke before a fire. Do not ignore this sign. Just stop the car on side and switch off the ignition as soon as possible. One reason why a car fire may break out is that the first sparks of fire get converted into wild flames when the engine is left on. If you notice these sparks, pull over to the roadside and turn off the ignition, immediately.

  1. Leave the Vehicle as Soon as Possible

Once you have parked the vehicle and have turned off the ignition, ensure that you and anyone else who might be inside the vehicle, gets out immediately. It is advisable to be at least 100 feet away.  In case of blast it could be dangerous to be near the car.

  1. Don’t Touch the Hood

Do not try and touch the hood; it is likely to be very hot. Also, stay away from the vehicle because the chemicals being released from its various burning parts can be toxic for your lungs. In case the central locking system gets jammed because of the fire, you could use the detachable headrest to break open the glass window. Exercise caution while doing this. Even some people keep baseball bat under their seat. It is not to fight but to break open the window pane.

  1. Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy

It is always better to hope for the best but be ready for the worst. Ensure that your vehicle is equipped with a fire extinguisher. In case a fire does break out, you can use it to douse the fire before calling the fire service for help. But don’t attempt to extinguish a fire that has already broke out of proportion with the small extinguisher. During attempting so you may get caught in a bigger trouble.

  1. Avoid Using Water for Extinguishing Car Fire

Avoid throwing water on car fire with water as there may be chances of electrocution due to electrical equipment in the car. However, do not attempt to drive the vehicle even after you have successfully doused the fire. Use crane service to take the car to the service center. It is after proper check-up, the damage can be assessed

  1. Always Go To an Authorized Dealer

Though, authorized dealers charge some money extra but they also avoid quick-fix to solve the problems in your car. The local garages may be costing you a little less to carry out minor repairs or service the vehicle, but this can lead to unnecessary trouble. Therefore, it is prudent decision to always take the vehicle to an authorized service center only.

  1. Avoid Fitting CNG/LPG Kits from Outside:

It is always advisable to have petrol/diesel car for personal use as per your daily commutation requirements. Even if you want to drive a CNG/LPG car always go in for factory fitted models. In case you decide to get additional fittings for the vehicle, check the brand and details before allowing for the fitting to take place.

  1. Avoid unnecessary Features and Modifications

Excessive modification in car may interfere with its original framework as well as electric wiring that may be cause of car fire as well as other type of break-down. Therefore, we should avoid excessive modifications in car. Better buy a high end model to have all those features you want in your car. Factory fitted things are properly tested for the quality checks.

  1. Avoid Using Low Quality Chargers/Data Cables in Car

Never purchase car chargers from road side as they may be cause of fire due to sparking as these chargers do not meet safety standards, and are extremely hazardous when left plugged into the socket.

  1. Don’t leave Spray Perfumes in Car

Never leave any sprays behind, especially during the summer. Even in winters cars may be heated from inside to such a temperature that may cause explosion in spray perfume bottles, if parked in sun. Exploding Canister can act as small bomb and cause fatal accidents. Therefore, be careful and not to leave spray perfume bottles in car while parked in sun.

Hope these points will help you all avoid a fatal accident. Always enjoy safe driving.

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