Daivi-Asuri Gunas as per Bhagwat Geeta

Daivi-Sampat  Guna (Godly Traits) Asuri-Sampat Guna (Devilish Traits)
Fearlessness Vanity
Purity Arrogance
Scriptural Study Pretension
Charity Anger
Sense-Control Cruelty
Worship Of God Ignorance
Austerity Impurity
Straightforwardness Absence Of Religious Discipline
Non-Violence, Kindness To All And Absence Of Ill-Will Absence Of Truthfulness
Truthfulness Absence Of Faith In God 
Renunciation Endless Desire For Sensepleasure
Calmness And Patience Delusion
Absence Of Slander False Values
Absence Of Greed   Worry
Gentleness Attachment
Modesty Greed
Steadfastness And Absence Of Restlessness Egoism
Strength Slander