How to Boost Farmers Income in India though Solar Power


Modi government 1.0 declared to double the farmers’ income by 2022 and also reiterated this commitment during recent election in their manifesto for Modi Government 2.0. Though 70% of rural population is dependent on agriculture, it accounts for 23% of GDP and 59% of country’s workforce in 2016. It would not be easy to increase farm produce as well as its prices simultaneously with a fast pace. Therefore, we need to increase non farming income of the farming communities to double their income.

 One such scheme could be the installation Solar Photo-voltaic Panels on the farmers’ houses by government on the lines they are doing in the government buildings.

Most of the farmers are having sufficient space of installation of 5 KW or more. Even if some farmers are lacking sufficient roof-tops, government can think of building sheds to cover their roof for installation of Solar Photo-voltaic Panels and these sheds can be used by farmers for either living or rearing cattle and storing fodders for the cattle. It will also boost their income.

Rearing two cattle per family for 15 crore family can boost milk production by 45000-60000 crore liters per annum. This will increase at least Rs 30,000 income per annum per family.

15 crore farming household has potential to have installed capacity of 750 GW of Solar energy that is far ahead of 100 GW that government is planning to have before 2022. Even tapping 10% of this potential will help government to achieve its target.

This will require Rs 3.4 lakh crores of investment (taking Rs 45,000 cost per KW of SPV) that will be just 3% p.a. of total union budget for next 3 years.

A 5 KW SPV will generate 8000 units of electricity p.a. and it will ensure Rs 20000 p.a. at Rs 2.5 per unit.

Besides it will save all the investment in land cost that otherwise electricity firms would have to invest to install SPVs.

Though there may be many other methods of boosting farmers income but this will be a win-win situation for farmers as well as electricity companies as well as government. Here farmers will get extra income and electricity corporations will have extra generation capacity. When farmers will be getting income from the solar panels they will take care of its safety and security without a cost of single penny of power corporations.

Hope Government will think on these lines and we all will get clean and green energy with a proper boost to farmers income shortly.

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