Change Your Negative Thoughts into Positive One


“As you think so shall you become”. goes the saying. Our mind is always full of thoughts. These thoughts depends upon your mindset. If you are in good mood normally your thoughts will be positive, otherwise they may be negative. Even good thoughts creates good mood and negative thoughts can be be cause of fear. It is said that you need to toil hard to get a crop where as weeds grows automatically. Normally weeds need hard work to be removed. In the same way, you need to do conscious effort to have positive thoughts where as negative crop up in your mind on their own. You need to replace negative thought with positive one constantly. These are some of the ways that can help you to change your negative thoughts into positive one:-

  1. Find out the reason behind negativity:

The first step towards converting your thought from negativity to positive is to be aware about your thoughts and reason behind those thoughts. Mostly your inner voice will guide you to find the reason behind your present thinking pattern. You need to reorient all your thoughts to be more positive by doing positive things like reading books, seeking professional help, talking to friends and family, taking vitamins, or exercising etc.

  1. Nip the Evil in the Bud itself:

Whenever you feel yourself slipping into negative mood, just jot down the all the reasons for the onset of this mood. In most of the cases you will find that you can stay away from negative thought. Don’t suppress your negative thought, write down on paper and torn in and through it in fire. Make your mind not to repeat those thought again.

  1. Time to do Yoga or Meditation:

Both yoga and meditation will help you in stay present instead of jumping to negative thoughts about past or future. Attending a yoga class will teach you how to take your focus away from your negative thoughts by bringing your attention to your breathing instead. Even, meditation helps you to shun negative thoughts by controlling your false ego and surrendering yourself to Almighty God.

  1. Always wear your Smile:

You can practice by bringing yourself in front of a mirror and forcing yourself to smile. A pleasant smile or grin really does a lot in helping to change your mood and alleviate stress. It is also the best way to spread your good mood to others and you will feel lighter as well since it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.

  1. Surround Yourself with Positive and Enthusiastic People: Whenever you get stuck in a negative mood, you should have people to talk to who can put everything into perspective. Try calling that reliable friend you have on your speed-dial because you know he or she is always available to give you practical, yet fruitful response.
  2. Check the Tone and Framing of Your Thoughts:

Always vouch the tone and framing of your thoughts by asking yourself “This is what I want” after every thought. If you get answer in negative you need to re-frame your thought and sentence in positive way. Instead of saying, “I will be late” say “I am on time”. In most of cases you will be on time.

  1. Start Taking Responsibility:

Only you can control and determine what your life will be, so take responsibility and stop thinking and acting as if you’re stuck. Even if your current health, financial, or living situation becomes difficult and unbearable, try to remember that there is always a way out. You will always have the ability and choice to make change happen.

  1. Try Helping Others:

Doing something nice for another person is an excellent way to shift focus away from you and your negative thoughts. Volunteering at your local old age home or just help maintaining Local Park will let feel better. It will also remind you that no matter how bad things are, there are many people in worse situations.

  1. Forgive Yourself for Your Past Mistakes:

Feeling terrible when you act in an inappropriate manner is normal but you shouldn’t focus too much on the negativity that may result. Remind yourself that your failures gives you experience to learn and success provides opportunity to celebrate.

  1. Express Gratitude Regularly:

Showing gratitude allows you to be fully aware and appreciative of everything you already have. Your list may include things like your health, wealth, family members, pets, recent holiday, house car or anything else that you consider to be relevant.

  1. Give up Predicting the Future:

Anticipating that your world will crash down around you if you err is precipitating an imaginary crisis. However, there is nothing fake about the anxiety that will always follow such false predictions. By avoiding anticipatory anxiety, you can change this negative thinking.

  1. You are the Hero of your Life-story:

Remember, you are the Hero of your life-story, therefore there will be some supporting actors in your life including villain. Remember, your positive behaviour in dealing with difficult people and difficult situation will get applause from your audience. If you are indulging in negativity you are becoming villain in some other hero’s story.