A Simple Prayer before Going to Sleep Can Change Your Life


A Simple Prayer that I am doing and that I have told to many of my friends, relatives, students and other acquaintances to do daily before going to sleep daily can change your life as it has change the life of people who are doing it. The prayer is so simple that sometimes people are not confident about its efficacy initially. But within 4-5 days most of them found it very effective and experienced very positive effect on their health. Prayer goes like this:

Oh God (you can invoke any deity you worship as per your religion) today was a wonderful day. Now I am going to sleep by surrendering my body to You for healing as You are the biggest healer of the Universe. Please heal my body from the entire problem that took place in it today and till today. Please return my body in the morning at — O’ clock after healing it at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. O God, please restore the health of all those people who seek help from You with faith. Thank you very much, now I am going to sleep.

You can do this prayer in any language as God (Universal Power) knows all the languages. There is no restriction of how to do it but do it regularly and with full faith on the healing power of this prayer. When you are asking God to help not only you but also all the other people who has asked for His help , the effect of your prayer will multiply 10 times. Enjoy a happy and healthy life from today for rest of your life. Thank you very much.

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