Morning Prayer That Will Make Your Day


Friends, I have given you a simple prayer that you should use before going to sleep. Today, I am sharing  a very simple prayer that you all should do before getting out of bed. It will certainly make your day. The prayer is as under:

Thank God, for healing me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually during the night.  Now you have given me totally fit body and infinite energy to do my day’s duty. I am ready to do all positive things under your guidance. Hope You will guide not only me positively through out the day but also all those people who come across me during the day. Thanks a lot for one more wonderful day!

Friends I am doing this prayer daily in the morning before leaving the bed. Normally, I find enough energy to perform each and every activity positively. Even, I find all people either helping me or giving me lessons. I thank them all for their help or guidance. Hope you all do this prayer and enjoy good health ever after!