What Can You Do About HAPPINESS Right Now


The basic aim of human being is to enjoy every bit of life. Though we want constant happiness in life yet it remains a distance dream for most of people most of the time. They have to face a large number of situations in life that may cause tensions.  Life is full of problems and these problems require amicable solutions to live life happily. What could be done to enhance our level of happiness in day to day life, everyone wants that key. The key to happiness is obviously a whole lot more complicated than simple addition (x + y = joy). But maybe a “happiness equation” isn’t such a far-fetched idea. Happiness can be explained as the function of expectations and actual outcome of the activities we perform in day to day life. Though very low expectations does not motivate a person to perform with zeal at the same time very high expectations can result into dissatisfaction from the outcomes of the performance of certain activities.

Normally there are four kinds of results that we can get from the activities that we perform. These may be as under:-

  1. More than Expected
  2. Expected
  3. Less than Expected
  4. Opposite of Expected

First two results are always gives a sense of joy, third gives you a little discomfort but last one gives you dissatisfaction. What could be done to remain happy in situations of all the four outcomes? The answer comes from Bhagwat Geeta where Lord Krsna asks Arjuna to receive all the outcomes with Prasada Buddhi. This single key could be used for opening the happiness lock in all the situations. Krsna never taught Arjuna not to expect the result. If it would have been the case then how could have He motivated Arjuna for the war. He just told Arjuna that human being are the author of their deeds but not the author of the results. The results are given by the God himself. Therefore, we must take result as the Prasada of our efforts. Prasada gives joy to each and every person who receives it.

Though, sometimes you may say how one can take heavy loss/accident/severe illness as Prasada yet it is not impossible to do that. In case of heavy loss you are still alive and learned a lesson that may result into a huge profit in your future endeavours. Even in case of accidents as well as illness, you always have chances of fighting back and come victorious. There are a large number of examples throughout the globe where people have done it. If anyone can do it you can also do it.

Now let us examine some simple strategies to enhance our happiness in day to day life:-

Find Real Friends Than Virtual One: Though social media is a powerful medium to have friendship throughout the globe, but what is the use of having 5000 friends Facebook friend when you don’t have a single friend who can go to the walk with you in the morning and with whom you can share your good and bad experience of the day in the evenings. In your problems you will get help from real friends than your social media friends.

Focus on People Rather Than Things: Though modern science have given you a large number of things to make life comfortable, but you will get love and respect from the people. Whenever a situation comes where you have to choose among person and things always choose the former.

Focus on Happy Thoughts More: Happiness is always a choice. You will find two people with same results behaving just opposite to each other. Those who are receiving the outcomes as Prasada of their rightful efforts will always be a happier lot. Those focuses more on happy thoughts tends to be happier than those who focus on negative thoughts.

Always Bless Your Food And Water:  Food and water have its own memory. We must bless it with love and affection before consuming. It will be beneficial for our body. The food and water blessed with love and affection will give us better health. Good health is always a thing for joy.

Always Be Grateful: We should be grateful for each and everything we have got. We should be grateful for the health, wealth, family, friends, house, job, all natural things like air, water, sun, trees, birds, animals etc. Our attitude of gratitude always increases our chances of happiness.

Enjoy The Differences. People are not difficult, they are different. We must enjoy these personal differences. We must respect these personal differences.  More we respect these personal differences better are the chances of our happiness.

Give Back More: It is always the giver who you enjoy more satisfaction. Therefore, try to give back more to the society then you have received from it. The more you give the more you will receive happiness.

Hope these simple things improve your happiness.

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