Let’s Make Kids Environmental Worriers


Today is the World Environment Day. India is the country where per capita trees are just 28 when compared to countries like Canada (8953), Russia (4461) USA (716) and China (102) this number is very low.

As we are the second biggest population of the world it would not be possible for us to have per capita tree to the tune of Canada and Russia but we can think of doubling the per capita tree by 2030 for the environmental sustainability.

Population wise we are the youngest population in the world. We can enjoy the Demographic Dividend for attaining the goal of doubling the per capita tree by 2030. This we have to do otherwise our 40% of population will have no drinking water by then. We can achieve this goal just by deciding to inculcate habit of planting trees in the school kids at a very early age by promoting them to plant fruit trees in schools and their homes.

There are 1.52 Million schools in India and about 260.6 Million students are enrolled. If we can follow the principle of “Each One Plant One” fruit tree, within three to five years every student can be served with a plate of fruit almost every day in the school itself. Because nature has blessed India with fruits of all seasons that can be grown almost each and every part of the country. It will not only improve the nutritional level in the children but also improve their attendance in the classes.

Teachers can use these fruits as reward for doing better curricular and extra-curricular activities. This will motivate students to do better. When their will be various kinds of fruits in the school itself, students will easily know about the season, variety of different kinds of fruits and they will have first-hand knowledge of plantation and horticulture. They will also tend to plant fruit trees in their homes, fields, parks and other public places. Though there may be some instances where some of the students will pluck more fruits than their actual share, but we can easily teach then sharing and dividing fruits among them. It will improve sense of responsibility among the students.

Same habit these students will follow during their higher education as well as in their later working life. Once we have better foundation where our children will start caring trees then there will be no problems in multiplying per capita trees in our country.

Hope all schools, colleges, universities authorities, parents and senior citizens will help kids to plant trees mostly fruit trees in schools, parks, homes, on the banks of roads and canals. We should also tell them the importance of trees in the very early life so that they can become Environment Warriors in times to come.

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