10 Powerful Affirmations for Success


Every human being strive for success in life, though failure is also part of life. For increasing the speed of our success we need to increase the speed of failure. This does not mean that we should fail just for increasing our speed of failure. It is just we must go in for more activities without bothering for outcomes. We should celebrate our success and learn from each failure. We can use following powerful affirmations for increasing the speed of our success:-

  1. Every day and in every way I become more successful.
  2. I love learning new things in life and using them to shape my success.
  3. I am experiencing success in every aspect of my life.
  4. I enjoy working not only for my success but also for the success of my fellow being.
  5. I am aware that all opportunities come in the form of challenges.
  6. I love challenges that life poses and I love to find solution for each and every problem,
  7. I know my success is real.
  8. I love to learn from my mistakes and enjoy every lesson challenges teach me in life,
  9. Mistakes are just stepping stones for success and I learn from them to leap frog to success,
  10. I am SUCCESSFUL in each and every aspect of my life.

Repeat these affirmation at least thrice a day, in the morning after getting up, once in afternoon and last before going to sleep for at least 21 days and enjoy your success in all the activities you take up in daily life.

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