5 Tips for Handling Difficult Boss


They say there are two basic rules in management:-

Rule No 1- Boss is always right!

Rule No 2- If you think otherwise, Consult Rule No 1.

Though this may be true in most of the situations, but a man with dignity and love for organisation can’t always agree with the boss. I am not saying that you should come in confrontation with the boss always, but you should learn to disagree without being disagreeable. The following 5 tips can be very helpful in handling difficult boss:-

Observe the Personality of Boss: It is always better to know each and everything about a boss. More you are aware of his/her behaviour more are your chances of handling the boss without any confrontations. People are not difficult but they are different. You need to know the other side of the story before reacting to a particular behaviour of the boss.

Find out Genuine Positive Traits in your Boss: If someone is your boss, surely he/she has got some traits by virtue of which he/she is the boss. Find out those traits and start genuinely praising those trains not only in front of the boss but also in front of other people who may report your opinion to your boss. When you genuinely praise that person he/she can’t be harsher on you for a very long period.

Find out the hot Button: As you need to find out the positive traits in your boss in the same way also find out the hot button, pressing that may cause irrational behaviour in your boss. Never ever press that button directly. If you have triggered negative feelings against you and he/she can take any action that may negatively affect your career as subordinate

Always Give Right Advice: Even if your boss is against you always guide him correctly. It will help you losing a boss and finding a friend. Even if he/she will not praise you for this or give you the credit of your right advice, in his heart and soul he/she will realize your genuineness of your advice for the betterment of the organisation.

Never Disagree with a Boss Publicly: Normally difficult bosses have high EGO, never confront with his/her ego in public. If you want to disagree, always try to do so in private or tell the boss that he/she may be more correct but in my opinion ……..(And you can what you want to tell).  In this process you can put forward your opinion without being disagreeable.

Even if these tips don’t work on your boss, prepare yourself either for transfer or change of your job. It is very important to have congenial atmosphere to work in any organisation. Try to find one, work for maintaining it and if still it is not working, be ready to change the organisation. But mind it, Never Quit Too Early You will Find almost every kind of people in each organisation.

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