Hope We’ll Awake Before It is Too Late


Water is life blood of human existence. Water table is going down very fast in most of the part of our country. Let us stop wasting and polluting water before it is too late.

They say that the next World war will be fought for the water. Let us avoid the world war and perpetuate the human civilization.

Let us revive our village ponds. Let us stop making bypass after bypass with concrete.

Let us have multi-storey buildings for human civilization with proper installation of rainwater harvesting so that we use minimum land for our dwelling and also recharge groundwater for the area which we use as buildings for human utilization.

Let us avoid using concrete footpath along the banks of the roads. Latest replace concrete footpath by grassy footpaths so that rain water can be recharged in the ground and the trees on the bank of roads can get proper water as well as space for growth.

Let us replace our soaps and detergent with natural oil based soaps and detergents so that we can avoid mixing harmful chemicals in the water.

Let us revert to organic farming so that minimum water is required for agricultural use.

Let us Conquer our greed and fulfill our needs as nature can fulfill our all needs but can’t fulfill our greeds.

Friends, some of the suggestions may look weird but these suggestions have power to to change our future. Because water is the one of the important element which is required for life on any planet. Let’s not misuse and pollute water for sustainability of life on our mother earth.

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