Corona Virus has scared the whole globe and governments and communities are grappling with the task of avoiding the spread of this pandemic. Although, scientists are working overtime to prepare anti-dot for the virus, yet it has given alarm signal to the human civilization as whole that they are only the part of this civilization, not the master of the civilization. Following ten powerful affirmations and acting on these affirmations can help us enjoy good health even during this difficult time humanity is going through:-

  1. I am just a small part of this civilization that is composed of vast variety of flora and fauna. I respect each spices with the core of my heart and take care of environment to the extent possible.
  2. I bow to each creature in Namaskaar Mudra for giving them respect.
  3. I wash my hands regularly with good quality soap when I have to touch something.
  4. I use handkerchief to cover my nose and face during sneezing. I use mask if I need to visit places with crowd.
  5. I do daily pranayama to keep my chest and nose clean.
  6. I eat healthy food prepared at home after washing vegetables and fruits properly with water.
  7. Every day I wear only clean clothes that are sun-dried in my house.
  8. Every day and in every way, my immunity is increasing as I am eating healthy food, doing proper Yoga, Prayers with lighting havan-sameedha and Meditation.
  9. I am keeping myself and my family in as much isolation as possible during performing our duties.
  10. I am consulting doctors, and reporting the smallest symptom of Corona Virus Infection, as I know there is cure for the symptoms only.

In this way, you can contribute arresting the spread of Corona Virus Infection and save a life. Mind it, IT CAN BE YOURS also.

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Feature Image: Taken from pexels.com