How to Make Use of Forced Holidays Due to Corona Virus Scare


In most of the Indian school and colleges, government has declared suspension of studies till 31 March, 2020 for arresting the spread of pandemic of Corona Virus. Students are expected to confine to their houses; parents are expected to take care that do so.  Some of the students may be worried about the loss of their studies. But these 15-16 days are very crucial not only for their physical well-being but also for their studies. As it has been rightly said, “Losers always complain whereas winners always take responsibility.” The following steps can help students to make best use of these forced holidays:-

  1. Study at Home

During these forced holidays students are expected not only to help government arrest the spread of Corona Virus but also they are required to study smartly. Books should be their best friends for this period. They should follow their school/college/university study schedule plus their home study schedule together, to make good use of their period of confinement at home. If they have any problems to ask they can ask their teachers or friends on phones or they can take help of internet where possible. These forced holidays can be used to make up of any delay in covering your syllabus.

  1. Follow Government Advisory

These days’ social media is flooded with all sort of negative information. Students should not bother about these WhatsApp and Facebook Knowledge, as most of the time that will frighten you without any underlying truth. Pay heed to government advisory regarding Corona Virus and help arrest its spread. If you can save yourself from infection, you are also avoiding its spreading in your neighbourhood.

  1. Do Some Yoga and Pranayama

In most of the areas clubs and gyms are closed as precautionary measure, so you can do some stretching exercises at home or even you can do Yoga and Pranayama to keep yourself physically fit, mentally alert, emotionally balanced and you can also go in for prayers and meditations to keep yourself spiritually connected. |Pray for the whole universe to have peace during this turbulent time.

  1. Focus on Positives

Every bad phase in life comes with a good lesson. Even this Corona Scare is no exception to this rule. People will learn respecting Indian culture of Namaskar and Pranama without any physical touch. People will start respecting life in any form. If this Corona Virus is the result of preparation of biological warfare, countries will think twice before indulging into such activities in future. Collectively scientists will come out with anti-dots of these kinds of viruses very soon and we will be able to save humanity in long run.

  1. Eat Healthy

During these forced holidays, you have got every chance to avoid junk food of your college canteen. You should even avoid food ordered online. Enjoy the delicacies prepared at home. If you have some interest in cooking you can also try your hand these days with the help of some senior family member. But in all case, eat healthy and stay fit. Take care your Protein, Vitamins and minerals.

  1. Take a lot of Warm Water/Liquid

During these days increase you liquid intake, especially some warm water, green tea, warm milk with some turmeric powder and black pepper added to it. It will not only help you avoid infection but also help you inculcate a positive habit that will go a long way to keep you healthy in future also.

 Take Care of Cleanliness

Cleanliness is Godliness. Always take care of your personal hygiene as well as the cleanliness of your home as well as neighbourhood. Wash your hands with some good soap or sanitize them with alcohol based sanitizer.  Use clean handkerchief to cover your face while sneezing to avoid spread of infection in the family.

  1. Take Good Sleep

Good sound sleep is essential to keep you healthy. A student must always walk with the hands of the clock. It is said that early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. These days try going to bed as early as 9:15 pm and try getting up before 5 am. This will help synchronize your biological clock with nature. It will not only boost your physical well-being but also your immunity at large.

  1. If Required, Take Doctors Help

During this period, you may catch common cold, please take care in this changing weather. If need arise don’t delay consulting doctors as the flue or common cold may be because of Covid 19. Though, it is as fatal as any other viral disease, yet prevention is always better than cure. But if need arises, we must go for the cure also.

In short, the students who will make use of these forced holidays will gain over those who will keep on worrying about missed classes. Therefore, make use of these holidays to the best of your abilities.

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