Could you try to become a VIRUS?


Mere uttering the word VIRUS send feelings of fear down the spine. As my mother always told me to find positive in everything and anything. I tried to find positive things in the word VIRUS and here are the five qualities that can make you viral in your circle. Even your circle of influence can expand to cover the whole globe like viruses cover the whole globe within no time. Let us try to become a VIRUS by inculcating following qualities:-


V always stands for Victory. If we can be victorious in our chosen tasks, we can progress higher echelon in life. We must inculcate habit of completing the task that we undertake; and complete it in style, only then we can claim to be victorious.


I stands for Intuitiveness. A person is said to be intuitive when he/she can think ahead of the events. This help them to plan better and perform even better. Though they are realizing trends in advance but people treat them as trendsetters.


R stands for being Respectful. A man can command respect only if he gives respect to his fellow beings. One should be respectful not only towards people but also the systems and laws of the land. As it is rightly said, “What you gives normally comes back to you.” Sometimes it may take time but it comes in manifold always.


U stands for Understanding in nature. A person should try to understand the positions of other person, so that he can understand the behaviour pattern of the people he is dealing with. When you understand the people and situations with which people are going through, you can appreciate their problems and then you can deal them in better way.


S stands for Supportive. Always be supportive to your fellow being. A good leader always support his team and take responsibility of their all faults and give them credit of all good things done by them. In this way, you make them take chances and grow.

Though, you may be scared by outbreak of Corona Virus these days yet these five qualities you would love to inculcate. I am pretty sure that these five qualities will help you grow personally as well as professionally. As virus has property to replicate itself and spread from one place to another place within no time you will find that your reputation as a great leader is spreading very fast. Therefore, could you try to become a VIRUS?

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