7 Nuggets of Vidur Niti


Mahatma Vidur was a central character in Mahabharata. He was a great Philosopher. Today I am sharing 7 beautiful advices from Vidur Niti.

  1. A person who worships the Devatås, the ancestors, other human beings, the Sanyasis and the guests surely gets name and fame.
  2. A man should never eschew the following six virtues:Truth, charity, promptness, freedom from malice and spitefulness; forgiveness and forbearance.
  3. The following eight qualities add to the lustre of a man 1. Wisdom, 2. Civilized Behaviour, 3. Self-control,4. Knowledge of Weapons, 5. Chivalry, 6. Being a man of few words, 7. Being charitable according to one’s means and 8. Gratitude.
  4. Rajan! There are six situations in which one is happy 1. Freedom from sickness, 2. Freedom from debt, 3. Not living away from oneís home, 4. Company of noble persons, 5. Living on oneís own earnings and 6. Leading a fearless life.
  5. Carefully consider an action to its end. Will it be beneficial or harmful? A decision to perform a task should be based on such considerations.
  6. A man must diligently serve the following five pre-eminent entities: 1. The mother, 2. The father, 3. Agni, 4. The Soul and 5. The Guru.
  7. He is considered superior to others who is coy and does not show off. He radiates like the Sun because of his limitless brilliance, purity of heart and a composed mind. Hope these beautiful nuggets from Vidur Niti help you grow in life.

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