Last Letter of General J.F.R.Jacob


To all my sons and daughters,

I am 93 now, a retired Army Lieutenant General, perhaps, still wearing the old world on my sleeves, on the last legs of life. I never married, I have no family. With me, the last trace of my bloodline will forever be washed away from the face of India and this earth. I have no son or daughter. But when I think of it, I see my son and daughter in every young face of this country. You are all my sons & daughters. And hence this letter, I write to you. While I am proud to be a Jew, I am an Indian through and through. And I ask you all, to make India our prime Identity.

Army life has taught me the importance of duty. Stand tall, resolve to serve the nation and never waver. Our duty is to serve. You need to do what you feel is right, and strive and seek and find and conquer. This is the only way to be true to your own self.

What worries me most is the swarming poor of our nation. The privileged youth of India should take ownership of the situation. I talk to the young of this nation. You are far better trained and far more professional than my generation. Sound economic and strategic planning will bring about the required change. Usher in your nation.

Sons, respect women. I don’t understand how crime against women can happen. I have no answers to them. I can only appeal to those willing to lend an ear.

I finished now. But you are only beginning. Begin with a difference. If I had married, I would have wanted my son or daughter to be an Army man! Army life is clean, disciplined and has purpose. Think about this career option, too, but also bear in mind, Army life is not just song, dance and a glass of scotch. Let me tell you, my favourite drink is water!

Over and Out!
Gen Jacob

Credit: My Ex-Principal Dr Manjit Kaur send me the Newspaper cutting of this letter. Thank you Maám! Hope it will motivate youth of the nation to do their bit for the development of the country as Sustainable Strong Nation.