Seven Life Lessons That We Can Learn From Ants


If we want to learn, little ants are big enough to teach us great life lessons! Ants are common insects with some super-human like capabilities. If we can can get observe ants working each of us can learn the following life lessons from ants:-

DISCIPLINE: Observe ants going from one place to another place. They will following a particular path and a large number of ants are following that path in a strict discipline. If we human being can follow discipline in our life we can achieve anything and everything that we aspire to achieve.

FLEXIBILITY: If they come across any hurdle in their path, they will go underneath it, over it or around it. They are so flexible to change their path till the hurdle is crossed. After that they will tread their old path. If we can learn this thing in life we will never leave our permanent goals due to temporary problems. At the same time, we will not get frustrated by the temporary situations. As problems are many but individually not durable, we can safely solve each and every problem with our flexibility.

PLANNING FOR THE RAINY DAYS: You will notice that ants collect their food for rainy days and winter in advance. This is the habit that can help us plan for our future. This can also make us rich by proper investments of our saving at right place with compounding effect.

RIGOROUS ACTIVITY: You will never find an ant sitting idle. They will keep on moving for finding and collecting food or helping each other in their endeavour. If we can inculcate this habit and put in our heart and soul to each activity that we undertake, our success is sure-fire.

TEAMWORK: Though ants are capable of carrying 10-50 times of their body weight, yet they will carry even bigger weight by carrying it together in TEAM (Together Everyone Achieve More). It can help us to build large organizations and achieve seemingly impossible accomplishment.

TAKE CARE OF THEIR NEXT GENERATION: Ants take care of their next generations well. In case of potential threats to their eggs, they take them to higher grounds to save their future generations. A human being can learn to take care of their coming generations by practising sustainable goals. As we are the only species that are capable to protect all other species from extinction. If we ignore this fact, the day is not far away when we human-being will become Endangered Species.

THINK BIG: Ants are very small in size but they built big colonies with perfection. Their colonies can be treated as architectural marvel keeping in view their size. If we can take this one thing from ants we can pursue any big dream of creating huge organisation. I think Jack Ma has named Ant Group with a view to spread his organisation throughout the globe, like ant colonies found almost across globe.

Hope we all can learn some of these seven lessons and take our life forward.

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