7 Ways to Improve Your Brain Power


We are living in digital age where AI is there to help us in large number of areas. With the more use of digital technology, people are becoming more dependent on these electronic gadgets and using lesser of brain memories. Though, using AI based smart technology is doing a lot of good to humanity in general, yet it is making out brain more dependent on these technologies. The only way to stay ahead and be successful in life is to continue to get smarter and keep learning, so as to keep the brain-ware updated with the updating of hardware and software.

Though some people are naturally genius, but others can train their brain to use its capacity to higher extent and thus giving sometimes miraculous results. As brain power is needed to develop better hardware and software, it is also very important to make our brain smarter and brilliant. As studies have indicated that the brain can be trained like a muscle, though it is not exactly a muscle. High intelligence is nothing more than an unconstrained ability for pattern recognition and problem solving that can be achieved through training. Rigorous training, rest, and consistency will help you to improve your intelligence.

The following Steps can help improve our brain power to a larger extent:-

  1. A man is known by the company he keeps

It is an ancient saying that a man is known by the company he keeps. Even Jim Rohn said that you are the average of 5 people you surround yourself with. Hence, always surround yourself with intelligent people. It is said that an intelligent enemy is better than a fool friend. Therefore, choose your people intelligently. Network with the kind of people you want to become!

2. Readers today are Leaders Tomorrow

This shouldn’t be surprising, but many people underestimate just how much reading can impact and expand the mind. Well-read people aren’t just fluent, they also have a vast pool of knowledge and understanding. Reading improves your vocabulary, expands your communication skills and develops your analytical abilities. Choose your books consciously as they are packed with the knowledge of the author.

3. Rest is the best near the Test

The lack of sleep, relaxation, and excessive stress can devour your brain’s capacity. The brain requires plenty of energy to function, so if you’re exhausted all the time, your mind simply won’t have the ability to learn and improve. Proper rest of 6-8 hours per day improves your brain power dramatically.

4. A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

It is well known fact that your physical fitness decides your intellectual capacities. Though there may be some exception to this rule, still physical activities ensure better blood flow to your mind and improve its capabilities to a larger extent.

5. Your Food Shapes Your Body

Yes, there is truth in the statement. What you eat and how you eat it has a direct impact on your health. Food is fuel for the body, but it does matter what kind of fuel you are using.

High nutrition foods work well to power up your brain. Walnuts are a great source of brain food, so is fish; tuna, mackerel, salmon contain rich, fatty acids that have been proven to help neurons function. And make sure you have a steady intake of Omega 3 fatty-acid. Your mind will be thankful.

6. Practice make a man perfect

Your brain needs to face challenges to make progress. Once the brain realizes it’s good at something, it stops trying, just like any one of us. The trick is to use your full potential and push your limits. Try brain games like memory games, Sudoku, word puzzles, and problem-solving games.

7. A Picture is worth a thousand words

Though we can’t demean the importance of words, especially the written ones; yet using mind maps are always better. Because our mind stores things in pictorial form. Even, writing daily journal can help you to monitor your progress and reflect back to a past even in future.

Hope these suggestion will help you to sharpen your brain in a very short span of time.

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