Why We Should Do Blood Donation?

There is no alternative to the human blood. By donating blood we can save precious human life as we require 5 crore units of blood every year in India. Though, we are a population of 130 crores but only 40% of them in age categories where they can donate blood. Read More »

12 Powerful Affirmations to Build Self-Confidence

Every year we find young students committing suicide just for failing in their examination, or just a break-up or sometimes it may be just because some parent or teacher have scolded them for not performing as expected of them. It is not only the young people but some very well established people in life sometimes loose confidence in themselves and take very extreme steps like committing suicide or falling pray to taking drugs.Read More »

Why to Segregate Household Waste?

Every household produces waste material on day to day basis. The waste is composed of a large number of things such as remains of vegetable and fruits, packing materials, newspapers advertisements, pieces of papers, rappers, empty bottles, packing and packages of food articles and medicines, used sanitary napkins and host of other things that we use in day today life. All this kind of waste material are of different types. Read More »