Hope We’ll Awake Before It is Too Late

Water is life blood of human existence. Water table is going down very fast in most of the part of our country. Let us stop wasting and polluting water before it is too late.

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Why to Segregate Household Waste?

Every household produces waste material on day to day basis. The waste is composed of a large number of things such as remains of vegetable and fruits, packing materials, newspapers advertisements, pieces of papers, rappers, empty bottles, packing and packages of food articles and medicines, used sanitary napkins and host of other things that we use in day today life. All this kind of waste material are of different types. Read More »

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Daily Life

Carbon footprint means amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases’ emission due to human activities that degrade environment quality and sustainability. There may be a large number of ways to reduce carbon footprint but it is not very easy to follow them. We may be easily change the construction of houses and offices but contributes towards the use of energy in home and work place with some simple methods. In this article I am sharing only those things that as a habitRead More »