A Simple Prayer before Going to Sleep Can Change Your Life

A Simple Prayer that I am doing and that I have told to many of my friends, relatives, students and other acquaintances to do daily before going to sleep daily can change your life as it has change the life of people who are doing it. Read More »

Change Your Negative Thoughts into Positive One

“As you think so shall you become”. goes the saying. Our mind is always full of thoughts. These thoughts depends upon your mindset. If you are in good mood normally your thoughts will be positive, otherwise they may be negative. Even good thoughts creates good mood and negative thoughts can be be cause of fear. It is said that you need to toil hard to get a crop where as weeds grows automatically.Read More »

Let’s Build Ponds for Taking Care of Ground Water in Villages

India lives in villages and it has 649481 villages. The ground water table is going down in most of our villages. It is said that if third world war is fought it will be fought for water. To improve water table village ponds can help a lot.

These ponds can be used for drinking water for the cattle and at times it can be used as irrigation of land. Ponds can also be used for fish farming. If we decide to have an additional pond of 5 hectare in each village built with the MNREGA scheme in the coming year and put it to use for fish farming. It can boost fish production of 9.7 lakh tonnes per annum taking an average of 3 tonne per hectare.

 Taking an average price of Rs 200 per kg it will be additional revenue of Rs 19400 crore to village panchayats.

Even if the fish are to be used by panchayats for serving to the students in mid-day meal scheme free of cost it will improve the health of the students. A 5 hectare pond can give 15000 kg fish per annum and 300 kg of fish per week to the school can be sufficient to be served to 1500 children once per week. This quantity can be adjusted as per the number of students in the village schools. This will go a long way in improving the health of children in times to come.

The ponds will also help recharge ground water and a source of water for cattle and irrigation.

Daivi-Asuri Gunas as per Bhagwat Geeta

Daivi-Sampat  Guna (Godly Traits) Asuri-Sampat Guna (Devilish Traits)
Fearlessness Vanity
Purity Arrogance
Scriptural Study Pretension
Charity Anger
Sense-Control Cruelty
Worship Of God Ignorance
Austerity Impurity
Straightforwardness Absence Of Religious Discipline
Non-Violence, Kindness To All And Absence Of Ill-Will Absence Of Truthfulness
Truthfulness Absence Of Faith In God 
Renunciation Endless Desire For Sensepleasure
Calmness And Patience Delusion
Absence Of Slander False Values
Absence Of Greed   Worry
Gentleness Attachment
Modesty Greed
Steadfastness And Absence Of Restlessness Egoism
Strength Slander

10 Great Commandments of Chanakya that Can Change Your Life

Chanakya (370 BC -283 BC) is considered as the pioneer of the field of Economics and Political Science in India. As a faculty member of famous University of Taxila he dreamt of uniting the whole India and managed to establish the Maurya Empire (the first empire to rule most of the Indian subcontinent) by guiding Chandragupta’s rise to power at a young age. Two books are attributed to Chanakya: Arthashastra and Chanakya Neeti (also known as Neetishastra).Read More »

11 Ways to Keep You Safe from Car-fire

With summer approaching the temperatures are all set to soar, and one of the things that we ought to be mindful of are incidents involving fire in our cars. May God bless us all with safe driving experience yet accidents can happen any time. Our alertness can save precious lives as we have heard several accidents where all the passengers burnt alive in a car fire just by not taking care of early signs of fire in car.Read More »