Jai Hind Captain


Captain Preety Chaudhary you made me proud again by commanding the upgraded Schilika anti-aircraft weapon system that is being featured at the Republic Day Parade for the first time. 

Our joy knew no bounds when you got ‘Sword of Honour’ in your passing out parade in Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai in 2018 and 2nd Best Cadet Air wing NCC cadet in RD Parade in 2016. No 1 Chandigarh Air Sqn NCC, it’s cadets, ANOs and COs will always mention your achievements with great pride.

You are substantiating the title of my book You Deserve to Conquer the world. Hope we will see you rising to new heights in Indian Army. Jai Hind Captain!

Last Letter of General J.F.R.Jacob


To all my sons and daughters,

I am 93 now, a retired Army Lieutenant General, perhaps, still wearing the old world on my sleeves, on the last legs of life. I never married, I have no family. With me, the last trace of my bloodline will forever be washed away from the face of India and this earth. I have no son or daughter. But when I think of it, I see my son and daughter in every young face of this country. You are all my sons & daughters. And hence this letter, I write to you. While I am proud to be a Jew, I am an Indian through and through. And I ask you all, to make India our prime Identity.

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