Valentine Day Special


I have already published Love Approach of Project Selection on my blog. The same approach can be used for selecting your Valentine. For that matter term Love can be expanded as follows:-

L- Look who is the Person

O- Observe the person for proper knowledge about the person

V- Verify the shown behaviour

E- Embrace or Escape Decision on the bases of above three points.

This approach is being used by HR departments of almost all organisations for selecting staff for key positions. You can use it in your personal life also to have some lasting relationships.

Hope you all love to use LOVE approach in your life for various purposes in future!

Love the Trees


Once upon a time there was a teacher in a remote school of Rajasthan. Every Saturday he used to ask his students to plant and water trees in and around school campus. He used to tell the importance of trees to the students.

 He was popular as a very strict teacher. He was in habit of asking students to bring a stick from the trees around if some student commits some mistake. Every time student bringing a stick will get seven blows on the palms.

Once, an intelligent boy from the school could not do his homework right. The teacher asked the boy to bring a stick from the Neem tree in the campus of the school. The boy was frighten by the thought of being beaten before the class. Other students were also thinking that today their monitor will be punished. Then the boy asked, “Pardon me, Sir. You always tell us about the importance of planting and taking care of the trees. Now you are ordering me to spoil a branch of a small tree that will become a big branch in the future. A large number of birds will lose their future home by this act of mine. Even knowing this, should I bring a stick for you?”

The teacher asked the boy to come forward. The boy was a little afraid. But teacher patted him on his back and told the class, “This is the answer that I expected all of you. Everyone who brought the stick deserves to be punished not for their other mistakes but for harming the environment.” Everyone in the class learnt the lesson of loving the trees and the boy established his intelligence in the whole village.

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The Lifestyle of Giving


Do you want to receive anything?

More joy? More wisdom? More friends? More money?

Here’s what you do:

Give away that exact same thing that you want to receive. Because that’s how the universe works.

Whatever you give, you receive.

Take the case of wisdom.

I give wisdom to people. I’ve written 15 books so far.

But between the author and the reader, who gains more wisdom? The reader reads the book once. But the author rewrites his book 10 times.

Guess who remembers the truths more?

Yes, I give wisdom.

But I gain 10 times the wisdom I give away.

Or how about happiness?

Who are the happiest people in the world?

Those who are able to give happiness to others.

That’s just how God made the world.

We receive what we give away. Even money.

Today I was reading the book ‘How to Turn Your Thoughts into Things’ by Bo Sanchez. I could not resist sharing these lines at page number 57. Though the whole book is a marvellous read yet I think you all will love these lines of Author.

With lots of Divine Healing Energy for you and your family members🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 to manifest what you all wanted to!

7 Positive Affirmations that Can Keep Your ‘Josh High’


Some people play and all others have to work for a living. To keep your enthusiasm at the peak towards your work the following 7 powerful Affirmations can help:-

1. I am lucky to have a tremendous opportunity to work in my life.

2. This is the best thing that I have got to do for now!

3. I always remain motivated to do the required work to accomplish my goals!

4. Every day and every way I am a winner!

5. I always get the best of the results from my actions!

6. My accomplishments always amaze me and the people around me!

7. I am always bubbling with energy to strive to achieve more!

Hope these affirmations keep your Josh always at High! May you start playing and winning from now onwards!