Thought of the Day 13/2021

You need to be Sqn Ldr Rakesh Sharma to say, “Saare Jahaan se Achchha Hindostan Hamara” from space but you can make your country proud by contributing a little bit daily in your area of work for progress of its people!

Happy Lohri to Punjab and Happy Birthday to Panjab da Puttar Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, the First Indian to go to 🚀🌌

10 Powerful Affirmations for Students

A student is a person who is engaged in formal education in a school, college, university or any other institute of formal learning. Though, learning never stops; hence a person remains students throughout the life. Student life prepares a person to take up the challenges of life in right perspectives; therefore it is very important to have right kind of knowledge, understanding and wisdom during the years spend in the temples of learning. You may find extremely successful people who were not fortunate enough to have very good formal education, yet education is one of very important factors in the success of a person.Read More »

10 Qualities of a Good Student

Students are the future leaders of any country so they must be cared and groomed to be good citizen by parents, teachers, coaches and a large section of the society. It does not mean that they may be pampered and no corrective action must be taken against their wrong behaviours; but we should find the cause and try to rectify it before imposing our dictate on them. Most of the time teachers, parentsRead More »