Review Invitation for First Time Authors


Dear First Time Authors,

If you are a first-time author of non-fiction, motivational book, send your book to me at my official address. Or email a soft copy of the book at I will publish a review of the book after 7-21 days of receiving the book. It would be a genuine review of a reader without any cost to the author. I will be doing it for helping the new author to get some audience, so that they can get a motivation to write more.


Dr Manoj K. Bhambu

Associate Professor

GCCBA-50, Chandigarh 160047

10 Important Things for Your Daily Meditation Practice


Daily meditation is as important for our spiritual wellbeing as daily nutritious food is for our body. In every religion and in every culture some or other type of meditation practice is made a part and parcel of that religion or culture. It shows that it is very important to meditate on daily basis. The more you meditate more connected you will remain with your inner consciousness.  Everyone knows the importance of meditation but only a few succeed in practicing it on daily basis. Let me list some important points that will go a long way in your meditation voyage:Read More »