7 Steps to Lead a Happier Life

The basic human pursuit is to lead a happy and fulfilling life. What we do throughout our life is more or less directed to remain happy; but most of the people are losing sight of happiness and indulge in collecting necessities of life. Following 7 steps can help boost your happiness in day to day life:Read More »

The Science of Gratitude

If I could offer you a magic potion that would make you happier, healthier, more optimistic and more productive, and tell you that potion would cost nothing and will require very little effort to use, would you be interested? If this potion existed would you want some?

I think who will not want to have such a thing if it really existed? Unfortunately, I don’t have a potion that will do these things for you. But each of us has something even better than a potion that will do all of those things and moreā€¦Read More »